The curtain raiser for this year’s Snooker competitions was the Handicap Shield Challenge which was held on the 22nd and 23rd February, 2020. As the handicap imposed this year was more challenging than the previous years, participants were given two weeks to complete the preliminaries. It was another great success with plenty of upsets and wild finishes.

The finalist this year was Mr. Soong Heun Mun and Mr. Chong Sze Yuen. Incidentally, both of these athletes were also the finalist in the Four balls competition held in October, 2019. After three nail biting frames, Mr. Chong Sze Yuen walked away with the Handicap Shield. Congratulations Chong and Soong.

The Sub-Committee would like to thank all members who had taken time off to participate in this event and also to Mr. Loga for keeping the snooker room open even after closing hours.

A special note of appreciation is also extended to Mr. Lee Tuck Kuan. For most of you who do not know Mr. Lee, this eighty one years old feisty grandpa who managed to reverse diabetes after fourteen (14) years through Intermittent Fasting, has been a member of ISC since 1972. He is a regular at all our events.

He started playing billiards and skittle in 1965 and only started playing snooker at ISC in the 80’s. He now swims and frequents the gym almost every day. A keen squash player in his younger days, “Sifu” is best known for his wild “bang-bang” shots and “yat chiew pun chiew” attitude. He has been instrumental in teaching the young members the game of four (4) ball billiards including this year’s Handicap Shield champion Mr. Chong. Thank you Sifu and we look forward to your continued participation for another eighty one years.

   ISC Snooker Sub-Committee



Chap Goh Meh, the last day of the Chinese New Year, organized annually by the Entertainment Group attracted a total of 110 participants. Mr. Theam Kam Kee, the Chairman of the Entertainment Committee commemorated the start of the event by lighting up a 30 feet firecrackers followed by a presentation of the majestic lion dance performance.

The members enjoyed an 8 course Chinese dinner while dancing and singing the all night long. 



FLYING FINS' SPLASH 2020, swimming competition and games for novices, was held on a beautiful Sunday morning of 9 February, 2020. A record number of 90 junior swimmers ages from 4 to 15 years old took part in the event. The Youngest Swimmer Award was awarded to Jeremy Lim (aged 3+) born in 2016 but has not reached 4 years of age at the day of competition. Well done and keep swimming!

The Kicking with Board event was introduced with 27 participants aged 7 and under, excitedly kicking their hearts out while enjoying the cool morning water.
There were also 2 team-based games arranged for kids to interact with each other and have fun. Dive & Score, kids were divided into 2 teams and score points by jumping into the pool and picking up floating or submerged color balls. As for the older kids (above 7), the inaugural Water Basketball Team Challenge was played after completion of the swimming events. 3 matches were being played between the 2 teams consisting of 24 players per team. Each team will send in 8 players for a match. However, during the final match, the kids got so excited in winning that everyone jumped into the pool! Anyways, the games were meant for the kids to have fun. 

Appreciation goes to the Organizing chairperson- Coach Michelle Foo, organizing committee and all the volunteers who helped out at the event. Thank you parents for encouraging your child in swimming activities and supporting swimming events.

ISC Swimming Sub-committee



Men Category

Ladies Category



The 7th edition of ISC Ang Pow Run on 16 February 2020 recorded an overwhelming number of entries for this year. A total of 606 participants gathered before dawn and was led through a warming up exercise by Ms. Beatrice Au and her adorable twin boys. The race was flagged off by our Club President Dato’ SY Liew and Club member, Mr. Tan Ka Kin from Tiang Siang Premium Auto Sdn Bhd who had graciously came forward this year as the title sponsor for this year’s edition.

Participants were treated to a sumptuous breakfast just before the start of the well organized prize presentation ceremony, made specially lively by the attractive lucky draw prizes which the crowd looked forward in anticipation each time a number is being read out one by one ! While the active participants of the race were engrossed in the ceremony, there were also others little children who had enjoyed the occasion as the Organizing team had for the first time this year, prepared a huge fairground children slide at the play ground for them to happily whilst their time away. Well done to the organizing team to have spared a thought for the little toddlers. There were also a clown, the God of Prosperity to distribute ang pows and the evergreen Pikachu mascot to keep the children happy.

The Organizing Committee would like to thank all the generous sponsors, the title sponsor and members of the Central Committee who had also generously contributed to make this event a success. Last but not least, to the ISC staffs and volunteers who had turned up as early at 5:00 am in the morning to prepare the site, THANK YOU.

Ang Pow Carnival Run 2020 Photos