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Ipoh Swimming Club News & Info

Welcome to Ipoh Swimming Club 

The Ipoh Swimming Club is sports and recreational club in Ipoh that has undergone a few facelifts over the years. Yet, since its birth in 1933, Ipoh Swimming Club retained much of its looks; of course with added facilities, but much of its original structure remained.

Besides 3 tennis courts, 3 squash courts, 3 table-tennis courts and 2 snooker tables, Ipoh Swimming Club now boasts 5 badminton courts. There’s also the gymnasium, very popular among its members, and a top class swimming pool: one 30m pool and one 50m pool that has produced quite a few national swimmers like Allan Ong, Cindy Ong and Leong Mun Yi, just to name a few. The Ipoh Swimming Club has more than 2800 members 

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